Greenville, S.C., April 21st, 2016 – eRAD, a division of RadNet, Inc., and a leading provider of standards-based, web-centric radiology image and data management solutions, announced today that Jericho Specialty Imaging has implemented RADAR, eRAD’s solution for critical test results management (CTRM).

Jericho Specialty Imaging (JSI), based in New Hyde Park, N.Y., has been using eRAD PACS since 2009. The group selected RADAR in order to further streamline its radiology workflow. RADAR automates the delivery, receipt and confirmation of critical and significant findings to JSI’s referring physicians.

“Our radiologists would notify our referring physicians verbally before CTRM,” said Joanne DeAngelis, Practice Manager at JSI. “RADAR makes it much more convenient for them since they don’t have to pick up the phone.”

RADAR enables clinicians to bypass workflow disruptions and reach ordering physicians directly. One click within the existing workflow sends a secure SMS when results are known. Physician messages can include key images, critical notes, and results using Secure Web Services. The radiologist can also add an addendum directly to RADAR, which automatically updates the report.

Physician-to-physician communication makes a difference for JSI’s referral base. “We make it available to our referring physicians, and those who use it really like it because it’s such a time-saver,” said DeAngelis. “They get their results immediately.”

All communication is secure, fail-safe, closed-loop and documented. “Plus it gives us a way to distinguish ourselves from other imaging providers,” DeAngelis noted. “That direct and immediate notification is one more way for us to be very responsive to our referring physicians.”

JSI was able to tailor RADAR to broaden its usability. The group uses the tool to communicate many different types of results, not only significant or critical findings, to its referring physicians. RADAR’s customizable database allowed DeAngelis to create messaging particular to the needs of JSI’s referral base—without programming.

“Our frequent results—like Clear Lungs, Positive for Fracture, Negative or Positive for Pneumothorax, and so on—are in the template. It took less than a day to customize it to fit our situation,” she said. “It’s the push of a button. All the radiologist has to do is one click, and the report goes out.”

Florence Present, Director of Sales for RADAR, said: “JSI is a long-term customer of eRAD, and they implemented RADAR to increase their clinical efficiency even further. They know from experience that eRAD puts a premium on flexibility, and we’re delighted to deliver yet another tool that they can adapt to their specific needs. They didn’t have to shoehorn their workflow into our technology. They’re able to deliver greater service to their referring physicians without a complicated install—and that’s what we like to deliver.”

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