MRI Patient Information

General Exam Instructions

  • Bring your insurance ID cards for primary and secondary insurances.
  • Bring photo ID with you to your appointment.
  • You must have prescription from your physician. Your exam cannot be performed without it.
  • You can bring a CD of your favorite music to listen to during your MRI exam.
  • If co-payment is due, it must be paid upon your arrival.
  • Cash, credit card or check is an acceptable form of payment.

MRI Patient Instructions:

  • An MRI may not be performed if you have a cardiac pacemaker, cerebral aneurysm clips, or a hearing implant.
  • If you ever had metal fragments in your eye(s) or you are/were a sheet metal worker, you may need a skull X-Ray prior to your MRI exam.
  • If you are pregnant, or think you may be pregnant please notify the staff.


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Should you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at (516) 216-5341.

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